Candle Crafternoon

Candle Crafternoon

Still trying to figure out something to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Nothing beats a homemade gift. I decided to make some of my favorite mommies in my life some candles for Mother’s Day. It was so easy…besides grating the candle wax. I’m going to have to cut the sleeves off of all my shirts to make room for my new muscles that were a result from all that grating!

Kidding aside, it was such a simple and satisfying craft. I used quite a few things I already had on hand at home to make the candles. And anything else I needed I got from my local Micheals craft store. If you want to go the extra mile you can also make a cute bag to put your candle in like I did.

For your candles: 

Cute glass containers to use for your candle jars. I used three old mustard jars that I had saved for a rainy crafternoon. Although, today is absolutely beautiful out so the rainy part is a lie.

Pure beeswax
I had a pound at home already but this ended up only making two and a half candles for the jars I used. I ended up having to buy another pound with some wax leftover for another time. Use your best judgement as to how much wax you’ll need depending on the size of your candle jars. Sorry not very precise I know. But it took me a little trial and error as mentioned to get the right amount of beeswax. Purchase already grated beeswax if you can find it! 
If you can’t find it pre grated be prepared to use a little elbow grease to grate it yourself using a box grater.

Empty rinsed out 28oz can
My 28oz can was a tomato can I saved from the last time I made chili. This is what you’ll melt the wax in. This worked great. I learned this technique watching an old episode of Martha Stewart on Hulu. I love you Martha!

Candle fragrance

Again use your best judgment here. Buy tall wicks if you’re using a tall candle jar or small wicks if you’re using a small candle jar.

Hot glue gun with hot glue

Wooden skewer

Candle directions

Use a dollop of hot glue on bottom of wicks to affix wicks to your jars. Set aside and let hot glue set for at least 30 minutes.

Place can filled with wax gratings in a saucepan. Fill the saucepan with water until the water reaches the middle of the outside of the can. Heat wax, on low medium heat, stirring occasionally with your wooden skewer. Once wax is completely melted, use your wooden skewer to stir in as much fragrance as suggested according to directions on the candle wax fragrance packaging.

Fold up a kitchen towel. This is what you are going to hold the wax can with as you pour your candles so you don’t burn yourself. Use kitchen tongs to take the can out of the sauce pan and place on kitchen towel. Holding bottom of can, proceed to pour your candles. Set candles aside and let set overnight. Once candles are completely set you can either give them as is or jazz them up with a little raffia bow( I’d suggest taking off the raffia bow before burning the candle) or a little scrapbook sticker like I did.

As far as my gift bags I used all bags that I already had. But you can obviously buy plain bags to decorate as well. For these particular bags I used this beautiful stamp I had already. I used black embossing powder and then I took colored pencils and colored the stamp in. Instead of using tissue paper that would more then likely get thrown away I used some fabric scraps that the receiver could reuse to gift something or to use it in another craft.